Template creation in different Organization levels

Please see below image that explains the templates

There are 3 types of organisations
  1. Channel Partners . This can be accessed by logging into the mail Channel account. This is where you will setup templates available to all your MSP's and resellers which will be available to them as indicated in the attached image under the tab circled in orange.
  2. MSP login. This will be where your partners log in. In this case the MSP/Reseller account. When when templates are created when logged in here new templates will be placed under the "MSP templates" tab circled in green and will be available to end customers once you copy it from there to the default templates.
  3. End Customer, they will have available all default plans and whatever they create for their own use.
Dependant on which of the 3 categories above, your organization falls under the plans can be made available to the other sub categories.