This article serves to explain the template switch when creating a plan and how modifications work:

Creating a new Template:

  • Go to the plans section of the application and select "All Plans".

  • Then click on the "Add New" button as above.

  • You will notice a "Set as Template" option. This is to be used to set the plan as a Template that can be copied with base content in tact and modified once copied to have slight variations or additions when used as an active plan.

Template Options

-Copying a Template to an active Plan
  • Once a Template has been created it cannot be switched back to a Plan.
  • If you want to make it a live plan, you can copy the template by using the "Copy Plan" button. from there the plan can be named as required and modifications and additions made if required.

-Modifying or correcting an error in a Template

  • If for example, there is an error, spelling mistake etc in a template, this can be corrected by opening the template and saving once modifications are complete.

-Plan incorrectly added as a Template and removing a Template:


  • If a plan is incorrectly set as a template you will find that the "Set as Template" switch can NOT be turned off. This is to ensure that a administrator or user does not remove this by mistake.
  • If the template was intended to be a plan, use the "Copy Plan" option as described earlier in this FAQ.
  • Once the Template is copied to a plan, the Template can now be deleted.