This a article serves to explain the MSP/TSP administrator options for remote access, dedicated account creation, Switch Company option and the Primary administrator switch.

MSP Primary Admin


  • The MSP primary Admin setting can only be allocated to one person in the organization.
  • Only the current primary admin can change another Admin user to Primary Admin after which the previous Primary admin will become a normal Admin user.


Creating dedicated Plans and MSP remote access

  • Primary Administrators and Administrators can create dedicated Plans under the MSP.
  • MSP Access can be allowed during account creation to the End user company given that the End User has authorized this access.  
  • Once account creation is completed and the selected plans are allocated there will be an option to log into the End Customer. 
  • At this point ensure that the MSP Access is saved from within the End User login to ensure the continued ability for the MSP Admins to log in .
  • This should only be done with the explicit authorization of the relevant authorized person at the End User Company.
  • See Below image.



  • This access can be turned on or revoked by the End User at any time after account creation.
  • This can be turned on by the End user when clicking on the “Company-Settings” tab.
  • Turning on the setting will allow all MSP Admins access to the End user for support etc.
  •  See image below.


Switching between Companies:


  • Once the “Allow MSP Access” is turned on, all Administrators of the MSP (Technology Partner) will have access to the End User.
  • When logging into the system as Admin there will be a “Switch Company” tab which, when clicked will display all End user companies that the MSP Admin has access to.
  • Please see image below.