This article will describe the two areas to add "people" the organization as well as how to add multiple people in an organization for notification purposes.

There are Two main types of users, Administrative Users (System Users tab) and Notification Users (Found under Locations) as explained below:

System Users

  • Users who actively participate during an events and event administration , such as Administrators, Plan Managers etc. This can be found by clicking on the "Setup and then People" tab on the main menu.
  • Once in this menu, click on "Add new" as shown below
  • Once "add new" is selected you will see the following screen where the persons details can be added and a Role (circled in red) can be selected.

Notification Users

  • The second type of user would be e.g. general office staff or people who need to receive notifications during an event but do not actively partake in the plans during the event. These can be configured per location in cases where a company has more than one Location. These users are setup and configured by clicking on the "Setup - Locations" tab in the main menu. 
    1. Once in the "Locations" menu, click the specific Location to add users to and then on the "people" tab as shown below, circled in red.
    2. There is an option to import users, do this by first downloading the import template (circled in Blueand populating as shown in the example.Once populated, save the file and click on the "Import People" (Circled in pink) tab and select the saved import file you populated.
    3. Alternatively follow the steps by clicking the "Add new" button.
    4. Please note that users under this section can be set to activate plans but do not actively participate in actions associated to the plans in the location.